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Best Dust Mop For Hardwood Floors

We name the 3 most popular Dust Mop
For Hardwood Floors

Updated January 2020

Best Dust Mop For Hardwood Floors of 2020

Dust mops designed for hardwood floors usually help in keeping floors free of dust and hair. Some of these mops are also ideal for cleaning laminate floors and vinyl floors.

They are made of material that is particularly designed to attract and trap dust or hair particles. Such material includes microfiber and wool.

The mop-pads come attached on long, lightweight poles that make it easier to clean and even to reach those difficult areas at the corner or under the furniture.

It is important to avoid products that may scratch the finish. Avoid wetting the floor or use of unsafe liquid formulas that can make the floor slippery and dangerous. Occasional damp mopping can be used depending on the amount and type of dirt.

It is safe to place mats and rugs at the entrance and high traffic areas so that they can collect grit and minimize the amount of dirt that gets to the floor.

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These are the best selling Dust Mop For Hardwood Floors:

Commercial Grade Microfiber Pad


This Microfiber pad is reusable and washable. It can be used when dry or wet. It works well at collecting large clumps of dirt, hair and pet fur. The pad is removable and easily attached on the aluminum mop-head using Velcro tape. The pad which is wider than the head is made of microfiber material and measures 18 inches by 5 inches. The head usually rotates at 360 degrees.It comes with only one pad.

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It also comes with telescoping heavy duty pole made of aluminum material with a plastic handle. This pole has plastic end caps to protect baseboards and is also able to accommodate various tasks and heights. The pole can fully extend to about 6 feet tall.

O-Cedar Microfiber Dual Action Mop


This O-Cedar mop is double sided for damp or dry mopping. The Chenille side is used for dry dusting and particle pick-up. The Microfiber side is ideal for wet mopping. The mop-head usually rotates 360 degrees. It is machine washable and eco-friendly. It is lightweight and well made.

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It normally covers a lot of space at once for faster cleaning. The mop measures 18-inches by 6-inch. The mop can either be hand or machine washed up to 100 times before replacing. It should be replaced every 3 to 6 months.The handle is about 49 inches long. It is simple to store away when not in use.

Scotch-Brite Hardwood Microfiber Pad


This Scotch-Brite microfiber pad is pliable and soft. It keeps floors spotless clean and dust-free. It is a reusable pad that lifts and also traps hair and any other dust particles. The dust normally grabs onto the pad and you have to run your hands through it, in order to remove the particles. It is perfect for wet or dry mopping. The pad is machine washable.

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It has certain texture that makes cleaning a breeze without agitating dust and fuzzes into the air.

It also lifts sand particles from the floor. The mopping pad is 16.5 by 5.5 inches. It has a silver lightweight handle that is 59 inches long.

Big Wooly Dry-Mop


Big Wooly dry-mop is multi-colored and made from genuine wool. The head swivels for easy maneuverability. It is well built and sturdy. It glides smoothly around the floor in an effortless and quick manner. It picks-up dust and even pet hair. The dust and dirt usually stick on the wool fiber until it is shaken outside. It is soft and easy to remove in order to hand wash it and leave it to air dry.

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It has Velcro backing that makes it a breeze to remove and reattach the mop.It comes with a removable long pole made from natural lacquered wood and has a plastic handle. The pole is 48 inches long and the dusting surface is 11 inches by 18 inches.It can also be machine washed using the gentle cycle.

O-Cedar Flip Mop


This O-Cedar flip mop is made of Microfiber material. It can be used either dry to attract dirt, dust and hair. It can also be used when damp for deep cleaning. It features a unique flip function, as it comes with a hinge on the pole to allow the pad to simply flip over, when the other side gets dirty in order to continue cleaning.

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It is removable, machine washable and eco-friendly. It can be washed up to 100 times before being replaced. The mop swivels at 360 degrees to clean tough spots. The pole is 46 inches long. It is light, easy to use and handle.

You will agree with me that when your floor is clean, your whole house also feels cleaner. So get one of the above dust-mops.

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