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We name the 3 most popular Vacuum & Steam Mops For Laminate Floor

Updated January 2020

Best Vacuum & Steam Mops For Laminate Floors of 2020

Laminate floor cleaning products include vacuum cleaners, steam mops, liquid formulas, sweepers and mopping buckets.

These products should be at hand to clean up spills and for regular cleaning.

Such products should be safe not to cause any damage on the laminated floor. Make use of non-abrasive products that will not cause scratches or leave streaks.

Laminate floor is usually easier to clean and maintain than other types. When cleaning, use water minimally so that it doesn’t leak between the boards and later on cause swelling that may end up damaging your floor. Floor-mats should also be positioned on the kitchen area and under the pet’s feeding bowl to absorb spills, liquids or any excess water.

Use steam mops or vacuum sweepers that pick up everything, including dirt, pet fur or hair without scratching the floor.

Choose your products wisely to avoid those that can leave a dull film on the floor-surface.

Tip: Professional Steam Cleaning machines can be up to 12x more powerful than home units. Consider getting quotes for steam cleaning services rather than buying a machine.

These are the best selling Vacuum & Steam Mops For Laminate Floor:

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner


This Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner is lightweight and easier to move from one place to another. It is safe for laminate flooring and leaves it streak-free and squeaky clean. It comes with two styles of brushes, one for laminate or wood and another one for ceramic.These brushes are designed to scrub safely and gently. It has 2 tanks that keeps dirty and clean water separate. Its dry function feature allows it to pull almost all the water off the floor leaving it almost dry.

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It can be used to vacuum the floor before cleaning. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum


This Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum is corded and bagless. It is powered by 10-Amp motor and features cyclonic filtration. This is a vacuum stick and does not have a brush or other attachments that may scratch your laminate-floor. It has a low profile nozzle to reach underneath furniture and low beds. It is lightweight in design and easy to maneuver around the house. It covers a wide cleaning path of about 11-inches.

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The dirt cup is easy to empty with only a touch of a button. It comes with 20 feet cord. It weighs 6.67 pounds. It is designed for 110 Volts. It has a 2 year limited warranty.

PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum Sweeper


This PowerEdge Pet Stick Vacuum is designed to capture both fine particles and large debris without the use of a broom. It has a lightweight design and a swivel head which makes it easy to maneuver under the furniture, where other vacuums cannot reach. This sweeper picks up pet hair, dog fur and all the gritty dirt without scratching the surface. It is very fast and simple to use. Its V shape helps to channel the hair and other dirt into the intake port at the bottom. It has astoundingly powerful suction. It is easier to pick up dirt along corners and base boards.

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It is easy to empty the dirt container.It comes with a long 20 feet power cord. It has to be plugged in an outlet and you do not have to worry about any battery going dead. It is easier to store and also reasonably priced.

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop


This Shark Professional S3601 mop provides the option to dust, steam and scrub. It has a steam control feature to regulate three different steam variable settings. You can choose to use light-steam for cleaning delicate areas such as laminate floor. More steam setting is ideal for tile or marble cleaning and scrub mode if for removing sticky spots. The water heats up quickly and is usually ready within 30 seconds.

The water tank is large with a capacity of 500mls. The rectangular mop head flips easily to allow for two-sided cleaning. The microfiber pads are 2-sided. These pads are reusable and easier to wash. The cleaning path is approximately 12 inches. The mop is corded and comes with 22 foot power cord. See video below

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Bissell Steam Mop


This Bissell Steam Mop is designed to clean and sanitize your floor surfaces. It uses ordinary tap water and is therefore 100% chemical free. It has in-built steam trigger to control how much steam goes on the cleaning surfaces and is therefore safe for laminate floors. The water tank has a capacity of 17 ounces, is removable and easy to fill. The steam is usually ready in less than 30 seconds.

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It comes with 2 microfiber mop pads; one pad has in-built scrubbing strips and one is soft for everyday cleaning. These 2 pads are triangular shaped and washable and have Microban protection. The mopping head features a triangular shape for reaching hard-to-reach areas. It weights 5.4 lbs. It comes with 18 feet power cord.

Professional Microfiber Mop


This mop kit is designed for both dry and wet cleaning. It comes with a washable microfiber dust pad for collecting debris, pet hair dust and dirt. It also comes with two washable microfiber wet pads for deep cleaning. One attached, these pads usually stay in place and doesn’t come out when cleaning.

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The stainless steel handle is adjustable and usually extends from 42 to 70 inches to accommodate different heights. It has an aluminum mop frame designed to swivel at 360 degrees. The frame lays flat to keep the mop in contact with the floor.

O-Cedar Microfiber Mop


This O-Cedar mop is double sided for dry or damp cleaning. The Microfiber side is ideal for wet cleaning. The Chenille side is perfect for particle pick up and dry dusting including sweeping away dirt and hair. The head is designed to rotate 360 degrees. The mop is machine washable and eco-friendly. It is well made and also lightweight.

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It normally covers a lot of floor space quickly. The handle is about 49 inches long while the mop measures 18 inches by 6inch. It is simple to store away.

Scotch-Brite Microfiber Mop


This Scotch-Brite microfiber pad is a reusable mop that lifts and traps dust and hair. The pad is soft and pliable. It doesn’t push around the hair or the dust. The dirt normally grabs onto it and you have to run your hands through it, in the sink or in a pale. The pad is also machine washable.

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It is ideal for keeping floors clean and dust-free. It is designed for both dry or wet mopping. The mop pad is 16.5 by 5.5 inches.

The silver handle is lightweight and 59 inches long.

Black Diamond Hypoallergenic Formula


This Hypoallergenic formula provides a streak-free finish and does not require any rinsing. It is safe to use around kids and pets. It is simple to use as you just need to spray and wipe. It doesn’t leave any dulling residue.

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It is ideal for removing stains, spills, dust, dirt, footprints and grease.

It leaves a glossy, nice finish. It is water based and made in the USA.

Simply Floored Natural Cleaner


This Simply floored natural cleaner safely cleans and also restores a brilliant shine.It is ready to use formula, perfect for cleaning daily spills. No rinsing is required and doesn’t leave any streaks or residue. It is naturally scented and has a citrus mint scent. Just spray it and then mop with a damp mop.

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It cleans up dirt, mud, and pet litter. It is safe to use around pets and children. It is made from plant cleaning agents derived from coconut and corn.It is free of petroleum, volatile organic compounds and alkyphenol surfactants.

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