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Best Odor Powder For Stinky Feet And Shoes

We name the 3 most popular Odor Powder
For Stinky Feet And Shoes

Updated January 2020

Best Odor Powder For Stinky Feet And Shoes of 2020

Odor powder for stinky feet and shoes gets absorbed and penetrates deeply into the pores of the foot and footwear to eliminate nasty odors.

In addition to controlling odor, these powder formulas help in absorbing moisture or sweat, leaving the foot dry and odor-free.

Unlike other odor control formulas, products in powder form usually helps in cooling and soothing irritated skin.

These powder products work best in footwear that has deep-seated bacteria in the padding and within the fabric. These are ideal for those with sweaty soles and have to wear closed shoes for extended periods of time.

It is important to clean and dry between the toes and the sole area before sprinkling the powder. Apply the powder on your socks and footwear too.

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These are the best selling Odor Powder For Stinky Feet And Shoes:

On Your Toes Bactericide Formula


This bactericide formula is aluminum free. It is a 3-day treatment, where you apply 1 capful of the formula directly on the foot once a day for the 3 days. Another 1 capful is also applied only once inside every shoe.

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The 3-day treatment and 1 capful for every footwear totally eliminates the nasty smells for a period of 4-6 months, without the need of reapplication. It helps to prevent re-infection and keeps all the areas dry and fresh. Each tube treats up to 3 pairs of shoes for a period of six months. Its ingredient are bactericide, purified USP microfined oxides of zinc. It is manufactured in the USA.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder


This Gold Bond medicated powder contains ingredients that provide itch relief, soothes irritated skin, absorbs moisture and also controls odor. Apply it on the feet, socks and inside your footwear.

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It leaves a fresh scent and a nice, cool feeling. It helps to keep the soles comfortable and dry. It is ideal for use by adults and kids above 2 years.It contains 1% Menthol. Its other ingredients are talc, sodium bicarbonate, eucalyptol and peppermint oil among others.

Dr. Scholl’s All Day Deodorant


This Scholl’s Deodorant provides all day odor protection. It effectively controls stinky smells and wetness. It is designed for daily use and it keeps the feet cool and well refreshed. It is ideal for those who love to wear closed shoes especially boots for an extended period of time.

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It has good moisture control and it also helps socks to slip inside shoes such as boots. It has a light mint scent that is very refreshing. It also has a cooling effect on the feet. Its ingredients are zinc starch, sodium bicarbonate, zinc oxide, kaolin among others.

Natural Footsense Formula


This Footsense formula is made of natural ingredients. It neutralizes smelly footgear and also eliminates odor. It combats and prevents bacteria growth. It is made in the USA.

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It is aluminum free. It ingredients consist of zinc oxide, silica dioxide, arrowroot powder, cinnamon leaf oil, sodium bicarbonate, lemon and lavender oil.

Other Tips To Help You Fight Smelly Footwear & Feet

Wear absorbent socks that are not able to trap moisture such as those made of cotton.Remember to wash them after every use.

Always dry your whole feet completely after shower, since presence of moisture creates an ideal breeding ground for odor causing bacteria to grow.

Once in a while, make use of therapeutic soak with essential oils, to keep your feet clean and prevent bacterial or fungus from spreading.

Dry and air out your shoes before you wear them. Wear shoes that breathe and change them often. Washable shoes should be given a regular wash.

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