Best Vacuum Cleaner Deals Under $300

Best Carpet & Floor VacuumVacuums come in a variety of prices depending on their features and the number of accessories.

These vacuums include mid-priced designs that cost under $300 or under $200.

These designs are usually easier to maneuver and most of them feature automatic functionality. They also have wider cleaning path, extra attachments, and are fitted with HEPA filters that remove microscopic allergens. Continue reading

Best Vacuum For Shag Carpet & Rugs

Best Vacuum For Shag CarpetVacuums designed for cleaning shag carpets come in different designs and are readily available in the market today.

Carpets are an avenue where debris, crumbs, old snacks, pet hair and fingernails usually collect.

Vacuuming rugs and carpets usually prevents buildup of dirt that may cause wear and tear. Cleaning, therefore helps to prolong their life and also keeps them looking like new.

It is also a convenient way to keep your home healthy, clean and habitable.

These vacuums come in a variety of prices including those that cost under $100 or under $200 to $300. Continue reading