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Handheld upholstery Steam CleanerHandheld Upholstery Steam Cleaners are designed to use chemical-free steam to easily loosen up and remove any build-up of dirt, grease and grime from household surfaces.

They also remove stains from carpet and upholstery spots.

The heat produced by these steamers sanitizes and kills dust mites, bedbugs and other household germs.

This type of upholstery cleaners usually offer a one simple cleaning and sanitizing process.

Tile steam cleanerBathroom Steam cleaners and steam mops are nonabrasive essential tools that tackle dirt, stains or grime found on tile , grout , floor surfaces,and walls.

These steaming units are designed to heat regular water to about 220 ºF in order to produce non-harmful steam that removes any sticky residue and deep–seated dirt from surfaces that are difficult to reach.

In addition, these steam-cleaning equipment also disinfect and sanitize surfaces without making use of harsh chemicals. The high steam temperature effectively kills bacteria and germs on the surfaces.

Small Mop Bucket With WringerA small mopping bucket with wringer for home use is an essential equipment when it comes to tile or floor cleaning.

It is simple to use and usually allow for hands-free wringing. This helps to prevent any strain on the back and the hands.

In addition, it helps to keepthe hands dry without being messy during the cleaning process.