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laminate Floor Cleaning ProductLaminate floor cleaning products include vacuum cleaners, steam mops, liquid formulas, sweepers and mopping buckets.

These products should be at hand to clean up spills and for regular cleaning.

Such products should be safe not to cause any damage on the laminated floor. Make use of non-abrasive products that will not cause scratches or leave streaks.

Lint Free Paper WipesIf you often get frustrated with paper-towels that leave lint on surfaces, it is time to start using lint-free paper towels and wipes. These towels are usually strong and absorbent.

In addition, they are disposable making them sanitary because they are only used once. They are ideal for both commercial and home use.

Best Mop For Vinyl FloorsChoosing the best mop for cleaning vinyl floors is the first step in ensuring that your home is clean and safe.

These mops are available in different designs, colors and dimensions. They include steam-mops and dry/wet microfiber mops.

steamer for bed bugSteamers that are designed to produce pressurized powerful hot steam are ideal for preventing and getting rid of bedbug infestation.

This is because bedbugs cannot endure the high heat from the steam.

Steaming is a chemical-free process without harmful residue or fumes, and is safe for use around the house.