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Odor Powder For Smelly Shoes And FootOdor powder for stinky feet and shoes gets absorbed and penetrates deeply into the pores of the foot and footwear to eliminate nasty odors.

In addition to controlling odor, these powder formulas help in absorbing moisture or sweat, leaving the foot dry and odor-free.

odor ball for shoesFreshen up any of your enclosed footwear with these odor eliminator balls for shoes.

These tiny balls are designed to be used in enclosed areas where other odor eliminating products such as odor powders cannot reach.

They can be used inside shoes, drawers, gloves, sneakers, lockers, gym bags or inside any other small compartment where nasty smell is a major problem.

Best Foot And Shoe Odor SprayBest shoe and foot odor sprays will help in eliminating embarrassing odors from your foot and footwear.

An odor-control product that is designed for use on both the foot and footwear will help in reducing cross contamination from infected footgear to the feet and vice versa.

These sprays help in keeping the feet refreshed, cool and also smelling nice. They are effective in putting an end to offensive and stinky shoes, be it your work boots, children’s, athletic or gym shoes.

You can use them together with odor eliminator balls.