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Best Vacuum Cleaner For Small Apartment & Small Spaces

We name the 3 most popular Vacuum Cleaner
For Small Apartment & Small Spaces

Updated January 2020

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Small Apartment & Small Spaces of 2020

The best vacuum cleaners for small apartment and small spaces, should be compact, lightweight, portable and easier to store.

Such a vacuum should also if possible, be easily convertible to a handheld unit that is easy to clean on those hard to reach areas.

Cordless vacs are also ideal because you do not have to manage a long cord that is likely to wrap around furniture legs while vacuuming. This makes the unit to easily navigate around in a small space, speeding up the cleaning process.

In addition, stick vacs are very convenient for use in small spaces because of their compact-lightweight size that is easy to move around the house in a faster way.

Canister vacuums that are easier to lift and operate are also perfect for areas with limited space.

We review best models ideal for cleaning apartments with limited space.

Tip: Professional Steam Cleaning machines can be up to 12x more powerful than home units. Consider getting quotes for steam cleaning services rather than buying a machine.

These are the best selling Vacuum Cleaner For Small Apartment & Small Spaces:

Electrolux Ergorapido 2-in-1 Vac


This Electrolux Ergorapido Model is a bagless design featuring cyclonic action to provide reliable suction power. It comes as 2 units in 1. One of the unit is a stick upright vacuum fitted with motorized brushroll for cleaning bare floors and carpet. The other one is a detachable handheld unit for cleaning above the floor surfaces. It is a cordless design powered by 10.8-volt Lithium turbo power battery with fast charging feature and a long run time of about four hours. It has both low and high power settings. It comes with a large dirt tank.

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It comes with a crevice tool and a dusting brush for cleaning stairs, crevices and flat surfaces. It features 180 degree swivel head for easier maneuverability under the furniture and around the corners. The unit is self-standing for convenient compact storage. It comes with an easy clean allergen filter. It is lightweight and easier to carry upstairs. It stores on its charging stand.

See video below how this Electrolux Ergorapido 2-in-1 Vac works.

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VonHaus 600W Model


This VonHaus 600W Model is a corded upright stick and handheld cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning multiple surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpets, stairs, rugs and furniture. It has great suction which sucks up pet hair, dust and small particles with just one pass. It comes with a large easy to remove 1.2-liter dust container. It features both HEPA and sponge filtration. The filter is usually wrapped in a clear mesh to prevent buildup of dirt and for easy cleaning.

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The power cord is 18 feet long. It comes with a crevice tool, hose adapter and small brush attachment for handheld unit. It is easy to use as the handle telescopes to adjust to different heights. It comes with a shoulder strap for supporting the hand held vac. It is compact in design and measures 12-inch wide and 3 ft in height. It stands upright, and fits perfectly behind a door or in a closet. It weighs under 3 pounds.

Bissell 2-in-1 Unit


This Bissell 2-in-1 Unit is a bagless, cordless design powered by 18V Li-Ion battery with a run time of about 30 minutes. One of the unit is an upright stick vac while the other one is a removable hand vacuum for cleaning small messes and above the floor surfaces. It features EdgeReach type of technology which delivers strong suction to the edges of the vac so as to capture debris and dirt even from corners. It features a 2-way folding handle which flexes forward and backwards for easier cleaning under furniture and for compact storage. Variable speed settings can be accessed on handle.

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The vac comes with an extended reach tool attached to the handheld unit for cleaning above floor-to-ceiling surfaces. Other accessories includes a crevice tool, a dusting brush, multi-surface brush roll and a 6-inch wide upholstery tool for hand vac. It is also fitted with a washable filter. It features a pivoting head for easier maneuverability around the corners and under the furniture. It is lightweight, compact and easily stores away.

See video below how this Bissell 2-in-1 Unit works

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Atrix AHSC-1 Lil Red HEPA Model


The Atrix AHSC-1 Model provides powerful suction adequate for picking up sand, fine debris, cat and dog dander. It is well-suited for cleaning hardwood floor, furniture, copings, blinds, shelves, vents and pictures. It comes with a 2 quart HEPA disposable filter bag with excellent filtration and long change intervals. The bag is flexible and easier to replace. Extra HEPA bags can be bought here. The unit has an indicator light to signal when bag is full. It also has on and off switch. It comes with a number of accessories including a crevice tool, hardwood floor brush, furniture nozzle and a telescoping wand.

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It has 3 filters in order to be able to capture and remove both small and large debris. It has a variable speed motor so that you can clean a wide range of surfaces from hardwood/tile floors to fine draperies. It is compact, portable and lightweight, weighing under 7 pounds. It is also easier to operate and lift. It is fitted with a carry handle on the top of the canister. It has retractable power cord that works well.

Bissell Aeroswift 1009 Model


This Bissell Aeroswift 1009 Model is a bagless upright vacuum. It features cyclonic type of technology that helps to keep the unit and its filters in a clean state and lasting longer. Its accessories include dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, extension wand, 8-foot stretch hose and rotating turbo brush tool for cleaning carpets, stairs and upholstery. All the accessories are stored in the unit.

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The 1-litre dirt bin is emptied at the bottom, making dirt disposal touch-less and easy.
The handle has a quick release feature so that you can easily transition from one surface to another. The power cord is 30 foot long. The unit weighs only 12 pounds. The foot width is 12-inches and has a height of 42.7 inches. It is compact, light with a narrow base that is easy to use on tight spaces.

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