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Best Upholstery Cleaning Machines

We name the 3 most popular Upholstery Cleaning Machines

Updated January 2020

Best Upholstery Cleaning Machines of 2020

Upholstery cleaning machines usually come in handy to clean and remove set-in dirt, stains, spills or pet messes.

Some of them come as steam cleaners or as wet vacuums. Others are spot cleaners and usually combine cleaning formula and hot/ cold water for effective cleaning.

In addition, they also help in getting rid of trapped dust or allergens on any upholstered surface or furniture.

They are a convenient way to keep your household surfaces in a clean, fresh state and also odor and stain free.

Some of the machines are designed for spot-cleaning while others are designed for deep-cleaning.

They come in a portable design for ease of movement.

Tip: Professional Steam Cleaning machines can be up to 12x more powerful than home units. Consider getting quotes for steam cleaning services rather than buying a machine.

These are the best selling Upholstery Cleaning Machines:

Bissell Big Green Deep-Cleaning Design


This big green model with powerful motor is designed for deep-cleaning. It features rotating brushes designed to deep clean carpets by lifting up more dirt. It also cleans tough stains and spots. It comes with a 6-inch upholstery brush and a long reach 9-feet hose attachment for cleaning furniture and stair cases. The hose comes with a rubber gasket that ensures maximum suction in order to extract residual water from cleaned surfaces allowing these areas to dry quickly. It is easy to operate, clean and maintain. The adjustable handle is comfy allowing users of different heights to operate the unit, making the cleaning task an easy process.

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It has large capacity removable separate tanks for both clean and dirty water. The large tanks helps to speed up your cleaning time by avoiding the need to keep emptying and replenishing. Emptying filling and cleaning of the tanks is easy and fast. It has a flow indicator for monitoring solution and water levels. A 24-ounce deep-cleaning formula is also included. The handle is designed to fold up for compact storage. The heavy power cable is 26-feet long. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Cleaner


This Hoover FH11300PC model is a portable cleaner ideal for deep cleaning and removal of stubborn stains. It provides strong suction that helps to lift and remove dirt from your upholstery or carpet. The hose is designed to clean itself after every use. This cleaner comes with a multipurpose tool for easy cleaning and for removal of tough stains. This multipurpose cleaning tool has little rubber nubs at the end to deeply scrub your upholstery.

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The multipurpose cleaning tool is also equipped with antimicrobial material that protects against mold, mildew and bacteria. The 3.5amp motor comes with 420 watts of cleaning power. This unit has 2 tanks for dirty and clean water. The clean water tank has water level indicator and comes with a capacity of 51 ounces. The dirty water tank has a capacity of 36 ounces. These tanks are removable so that you can easily empty, refill and rinse. This unit has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent the dirty tank from overfilling. The self-cleaning hose is 5 feet long. The power cord is long at 14 feet. This unit is lightweight, compact and easy to store. This unit comes with cleaning detergent and gel for pre-treating stains. This cleaner is ideal for homes with pet and children. Check Video Below

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Bissell Pet Stain Eraser


This Bissell Eraser removes pet stains, dirt and messes from upholstery, stairs and area rugs. It is designed for wet cleaning only. Just spray the cleaning formula on the area, scrub, and then suction the dirt. It is a cordless cleaning tool. It is lightweight and portable. It features an in-built brush to scrub mud and spills. It has an 8-Ounce tank capacity. It also has a removable suction nozzle, dirty water tank and spray trigger.

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It covers a cleaning path of 3-inches wide. It weighs 4.6 pounds. It comes with ready-to-use cleaning formula, window cleaning tool, round and straight bristle brushes. It is powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

Hoover Power Scrub Washer


This Hoover Power Scrub washer is designed to clean carpets, car interiors and upholstery. It features spin-scrub type of technology that involves counter-rotating brush system. It comes with a lot of tools including 11.25-inch wide dual V nozzle effective in cleaning including producing heated air to help speed up the drying process of the couches or carpet. It has both wash option using the cleaning solution and a rinse option to remove soap residue by rinsing with water only. The heat dry feature releases warm air during the cleaning process to help speed the drying process.

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It has two separate chambers where one chamber holds dirty water while the other one holds cleaning-solution/ water. These tanks are easy to use, clean, fill and empty. The brushes easily detach for easier cleaning. Included is 8-feet hose and upholstery tool useful for cleaning furniture and car interior. Other included hand tools include crevice tool, stair tool and spin-scrub powered hand tool. It is lightweight and weighs 18.1 pounds. It comes with 20 feet power cord, 16 oz. cleaning solution and a mesh storage bag for tools. It uses less storage space and is ideal for those living in areas with limited space. It delivers powerful suction and good cleaning performance.

Bissell SpotClean Pro


SpotClean Pro uses brushing action, powerful vacuum suction and a cleaning formula to remove deep-down stains and dirt. It is designed to spot clean upholstery, auto interiors, stairs and area rugs. It has a 22-inch power cord and a long 5 foot flexible hose, allowing you to clean hard to reach surfaces. This model features a 3/4 gallon large capacity tank.It also comes with a 6 inch wide stair tool, 3 inch tough stain brush and 8-ounce bottle containing cleaning formula.

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It has 2 reservoirs for holding cleaning-solution and dirty water. It has good suction power which helps to suck the solution out and leave the surface completely dry. It has a compact footprint and is easy to store. It has on-board storage for both the hose and power cord. It is portable and has a carry handle. It is easy to use and no assembly is required. It is lightweight and weighs 13 lbs.Check how this Spotclean pro works from this video.

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Bissell Spotbot Cleaner


This Spotbot unit features deep reach technology to remove deep-seated stains. It also features an exceptional spiral brushing action for effective and thorough removal of tough stains. It is a hands free design featuring preset automatic cleaning cycles to spray, brush, remove and clean tough stains, dirt and odor. It cleans a circular spot of about 8 inches with each cycle. It perfectly removes spills, pet stains, or old food patches. You can also use it manually using the hose and brush.

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It comes with a 3 inch tough stain manual brush, 4 feet hose and 16 feet power cord. Included is 16 ounce cleaning formula and 8-ounce pet stain cleaning-formula. It is lightweight and weighs 14.1 pounds. It has 2 removable tanks for holding dirty water and cleaning solution. The chamber for the cleaning-solution is easy to access and fill. It is also easy to empty and clean the dirty tank. The handle is designed to fold up for easier storage.

Bissell Little Green Proheat Model


Bissell Little Green ProHeat model is a multi-purpose wet vacuum designed to deliver powerful controlled spray and great suction. It also has in-built heater for heating water up to 25 degrees. It comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool for cleaning areas that are hard to reach. It also has a 3-inch stain brush to remove stains.

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It has separate removable tanks for clean and dirty water. Each of the water tank has a capacity of 48 oz. A cleaning formula and a flexible hose are included in the package. It is easy to use and portable. It weighs 13 pounds. It has to be plugged into an AC outlet in order to operate. It comes with a 15 feet long power cord.

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