Best Mop For Vinyl Floors

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Best Mop For Vinyl FloorsChoosing the best mop for cleaning vinyl floors is the first step in ensuring that your home is clean and safe.

These mops are available in different designs, colors and dimensions. They include steam-mops and dry/wet microfiber mops.

Steam-mops help in deep cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing the floor. Wet or dry microfiber mopping heads usually grab and hold fine dirt particles, dust and moisture. Some of these mops come together with easy-wring bucket system.

When cleaning vinyl floors, it is important to ensure the floor does not get drenched with a lot of water or cleaning solution so as not to loosen the adhesive that holds the vinyl together.

These mops are readily available online and offline.

Here Is An Indepth Review of Some Of The Best –Rated Mops

Shark Pocket S3501 Model

Shark Pocket S3501 ModelThis Shark S3501 model is ideal for cleaning sealed surfaces. It has a swivel rectangular head designed to quickly flip to allow for 2-sided cleaning. It uses a thick, 2-sided microfiber pad that is reusable and washable. It has in-built water tank. The water quickly heats up to produce steam within 30 seconds.

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The power cord is 20-feet long. The handle has a comfortable design that is easier to maneuver. It comes with an on and off steam trigger switch for continuous or intermittent flow of steam. This unit deep cleans well, sanitizes and leaves the floor virtually dry.

Easy Wring O-Cedar Mop & Bucket System

Easy Wring O-Cedar Mop Bucket SystemThis O-Cedar Cleaning Kit comes with a mop and a bucket system designed to facilitate hands-free wringing. This mop has an aluminum telescopic handle and a triangular microfiber head that is easier to get into corners. The mop is light weight in design and easy to carry from one room to another. The mop-head is made of 100% microfiber and can be used either dry or wet. It cleans well without leaving any streaks.

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The mopping head has absorbent, soft strings that do not scratch floor surfaces, and is machine washable up to 10 times.The bucket has an in built wringer and is a one compartment design with a splash guard to keep you dry. The bucket measures 11 by 18 inches and is 10.5 inches tall.

Mopnado Spin Mop

Mopnado Spin MopThis Mopnado Spin Mop is designed to scrub and also to clean. It comes with two microfiber machine washable mop heads. It also comes with a scrubber brush attachment. The microfiber mop head is soft, eco-friendly and lasts for 6 to 8 months. The mopping head has a wide diameter and is able to cover a large area with every swipe. The mop has a stainless steel handle measuring 56-inches long when fully extended.

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The handle has a telescopic locking design, is durable and lightweight. The heavy duty bucket features in-built soap dispenser and stainless steel spin agitator. The spin agitator loosens dirt and debris from the mop head and helps to spin out excess water which helps to prevent streaks. The bucket has a retractable pull handle and large wheels for easy mobility around the house.

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam MopThis O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop kills 99.9% of bacteria. It has one steam vent and heats up quickly to steam in about 20 seconds. It is easy to assemble and use. It has an on/off switch. The on mode provides continuous steam. It also has variable settings for adjusting the steam level to either high or low steam output depending on your type of floor. It has a triangular swivel head for easy maneuverability especially on tight spots and corners. The handle is padded to avoid marring surfaces.

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This steam-mop comes with two microfiber pads that are machine washable. These microfiber pads attach to the head via velcro strips. The power cord is about 18 to 20 feet long. It is about 51 inches tall. It weighs 5 lbs and is lightweight design.

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mopping Kit

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop KitThis Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mopping Kit consists of a mop handle, 2 detachable refillable bottles, one non-scratch scrubber pad and 2 microfiber pads. When fully assembled it becomes a spray-action mop. The non-scratch scrubber is built into the head and helps to loosen tough stains and spots. The microfiber pads are thick, reusable and are machine washable up to a hundred times. The refillable bottle holds about 22 oz. of the cleaning solution.

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The mop is lightweight and comes with a head that swivels. The mop is fitted with a spray trigger that allows dispensing of the cleaning solution in front of the head. The unit doesn’t use any batteries. The washable/re-usable pads make it eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Simpli-Magic Spin Mop Kit

This Simpli-Magic Spin Mop comes with a scrub brush and two microfiber mop heads. The microfiber heads can be used on dry or wet surfaces. They are super absorbent and machine washable. The mop handle is made of stainless steel and has adjustable height up to 56 inches. The handle rotates for easy cleaning under the furniture.

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It also comes with a heavy-duty bucket with dual spinners which facilitate self wringing action. The bucket has a pull handle for smooth mobility while cleaning. The bucket has a cleaning solution dispenser for convenience and ease of use.

O-Cedar ProMist Mop

O-Cedar ProMist MopThis O Cedar ProMist mop comes with a rectangular mopping head and microfiber cleaning pads. These pads are machine washable. The handle is long and measures 53 inches in height. The handle has an ergonomic looped handle that is easy to grip.

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This unit also comes with a disposable microfiber pad for quick clean up of messes. The mop head measures 10.5 by 5 inches.