Best Detergent For Darks & Black Clothes

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Best Detergent For Black ClothesClothes are very expensive. Making use of the best detergents for darks and black clothes really makes a difference when it comes to caring and cleaning of dark garments. You will agree with me that it is usually very difficult to restore damaged fabric and faded colors.

There are several such detergents available today formulated to maintain  color intensity and to keep garments looking new for a longer period.

Such detergents usually revitalize and restore the original color of the fabric. They help in preventing fading, color loss, and general signs of wear.

In addition, they usually protect the black fabric from losing its blackness and turning into shades of grey. These products will also eliminate dirt and stains, leaving your clothes looking clean and fresh.

It is important to use detergents that come in liquid form instead of the powdered form. This is because liquid detergents do not contain undissolved particles that may end up clinging on to the dark garments leaving a dull appearance.

Here are some of the top rated products.

Perwoll for Black & Darks

Perwoll for Black & DarksThis Perwoll brand is an effective formula that protects dark colors from fading during each wash. It keeps the original intense color of dark fabrics for a long period of time. It will clean all your dark clothes including towels and sheets.

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It is long lasting since it only takes a small amount in each load. It works well and has a pleasant refreshing scent.

It is ideal for use in regular and high efficiency washing machines. It leaves clothes clean and soft with a better appearance than before.

It usually makes a difference on the boldness and brilliance of dark fabric.

Woolite Darks Detergent

This Woolite dark gentle formula is designed to effectively care and clean all your dark garments ranging from jeans, undergarments, dresses to athletic wear. It removes everyday dirt from all your darks. It doesn’t cause fading and will keep the black colored clothes looking and feeling like new.

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It doesn’t cause loss of shape or shrinking of sensitive fabrics like cotton, wool and silk. It is designed to work for all temperatures and wash cycles. It is perfect for use in standard and high efficiency machines.

This liquid formula is easy to measure and doesn’t leave any residue on the fabric. It will keep your clothes looking bright and smelling nice with each wash.

Tide Studio Liquid Laundry Detergent

This Tide Studio Liquid Laundry Detergent has been designed for cotton, denim and fleece. It keeps your colors bright and darks bold. It is phthalate-free, paraben free and phospate-free. This detergent prevents fading by removing chlorine from water. Your clothes will be well protected from fading, discoloration and pilling.

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This liquid formula works well with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines.It comes in a recyclable bottle.It also cleans in cold water.

Oxiclean Dark Protect
OxiClean Dark Protect formula leaves dark colors looking deep, new and rich. It enhances the durability of dark fabric and helps to maintain the depth of color. It also leaves the fabric with a smooth texture.

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The detergent has an Anti-Fade Technology that extends the life of your dark clothes. This formula is a detergent booster prevents pilling and fading. It is also a stain fighter. It has a fresh scent fragrance.

Ovacion Detergent For Delicates

Ovacion Detergent For DelicatesThis Ovacion detergent is great for fine laundry and delicate dark clothing such as swim wear, scarves, lingerie, under garments, stockings and wool sweaters.
It is ideal for hand washing and for use on high efficiency cleaning machines. It cleans stretchy fabric and items with spandex or elastic without causing any damage.

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It promotes longer life and preserves elasticity in synthetic, natural and micro-fiber fabric material.

It leaves garments with a natural fresh smell. It dissolves easily and does not leave any deposits. It comes in a concentrated form and only very little is required with every wash. It is made in the USA.

It is solvent-free and bio-degradable.

The Laundress Darks Classic

The Laundress Darks ClassicThis laundress dark detergent is a 100% biodegradable. It is made of plant derived ingredients .It is dye, chlorine, sulfate and phosphate free. It keeps dark colors from fading and also leaves a subtle, superb fragrance.

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It is gentle and easy on clothing without causing any irritation on the skin.  It is concentrated, therefore a little amount usually goes a long way. It effectively cleans the dirt and grime out without damaging the fabric.

Instead of replacing your garments every now and then, especially when they become gray and dingy, get one of these products and extend the color life of your fabric.

Other Additional Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Black Clothing

In addition to making use of the above reviewed products, other tips to help keep your dark garments in their right form is to avoid over drying them as these often causes fading.

Always separate  darks from other lighter colors.

Always follow the care and cleaning instructions on the labels.

You should turn the garments inside out when washing and drying to help reduce pilling which normally causes a dull appearance.

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