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Best Lint Free Paper Towels & Wipes

We name the 3 best performing Lint Free Paper Towels & Wipes

Updated January 2021

There's 'lint free' and then there's 'low lint'.
Some are made from paper, and some are made from synthetic materials.

In our tests, we found that the lint-free wipes and towels made from synthetic materials performed just as well - sometimes better - than those made from paper.

If you want truly lint-free towels and wipes, our #1 pick below is the win.

#1 - PrepWipe lint free



best lint free paper towels
flatstar flatstar flatstar flatstar flatstar

editor rating

Best overall lint free

Solvent resistant

Very absorbent and reusable

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#2 - Scott Shop Towels



flatstar flatstar flatstar flatstar flatstar

editor rating

Best for glass and screens

Streak free

Well established manufacturer

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#3 - WypAll reusable wiper Towels

strong lint free wipes
flatstar flatstar flatstar flatstar

editor rating

Best all-around for home use

Large sheet size

Also solvent resistant

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Best Lint Free Paper Towels & Wipes of 2021

When you're done with lint, make the switch to lint free wipes.

As a pleasant bonus, lint free paper towels and wipes are often stronger and more absorbent because of the way they're made.

In addition, they are disposable making them sanitary because they can be discarded after a single use. Lint free towels and wipes are are useful for both commercial (shop, garage, workshop, factory, warehouse, office, etc) and home use.

They work well especially when mopping up spills or when de-streaking grimy windows.You can use them either in the kitchen or the garage to mop up oily spills.

You can also use them in the kitchen to clean grills and for lining plates under greasy type of foods. They can also be used in the bathroom to clean reflective surfaces, mirrors and windows.

Lint free wipes can be used for general-purpose cleaning and wiping of equipment and surfaces. Wipes are usually convenient when it comes to wet or dry application.

Tip: Some wipes are made from synthetic materials instead of paper. If you're using solvents or other chemicals, make sure your wipes are solvent-resistant. The packaging will say if they are.

In addition to the Top 3, also consider these items:

Bamboo Towels


Before we tell you they're eco friendly and heavy duty - beware that some users find bamboo wipes less absorbant than paper towels.

That said - they are durable, thick, stronger and longer lasting. One roll has a number of lint-free sheets that are washable and reusable. You can machine or hand wash the sheets and then air dry them... not that most people would bother. They're just as likely to go straight in the bin as any other wipes.

Check Price Here

Can be used for household, car, kitchen and bathroom cleaning. The sheets are soft and can be used for pet and personal care. Great for cleaning electronics.

Lint-Free Wipes

These wipes comes in convenient dispenser boxes. Some of them have in-built handles for easy transportation from one area to another. They are highly absorbent and soft with a cloth-like feel.

They are perfect for general purpose including staining or painting and even cleaning surfaces, mirrors, glass, tools and machines. Some of them can also be used to hand wash dishes.


TaskBrand Center Pull Sheets


Kimberly-Clark WypAll Disposable Wiper


CRL Glass Wipes

The Blue Scott Shop Towels

The Blue Scott Shop Towels are famous little wipes.

You've seen them around, and probably even used them at some point. These multipurpose towels have proved themselves over many years as winners in the shop, home or garage.

They are as absorbent as you need, and really shine on the tougher jobs like cleaning grease, liquids, spills and oil.

They are more durable and stronger than some other brands, and tend to work well whether they’re wet or dry. Ideal also for general automotive care, changing of oil and refilling fluids.


Kimberly-Clark 75190 Towels


Scott 75143 Towels


2 Rolls Scott Towels

Seventh Generation Towels

This Seventh Generation towels are hypoallergenic and lint-free. They are unbleached and safe for composting. They are made of 100 percent recycled with 80% of Post Consumer Waste content. They are designed to absorb spills quickly. They are unscented without any added dyes or fragrances.

They are ideal for use by the whole family and are also environmental friendly. They allow you to choose the right size for your job since it is very easy to tear off either a large or small size. Their packaging do vary.


White 2-ply 140-sheet Rolls 6-Count


Natural (30 Rolls)

White-2-Ply-Sheets 3-Count-Package

White 2-Ply Sheets 3-Count Package

Marcal Small Steps Towels

These towels are 100% recycled with 60 % of Post Consumer Waste content. They are ideal for home or office use. They are economical and eliminate any wasted towels as you get to choose either half or full-size sheet.They have great scrubbing power.

They are absorbent, durable and virtually lint-free. They have no added fragrances or dyes and have been whitened without chlorine bleaching. They are eco-friendly and manufactured in the USA.

They are absorbent, durable and virtually lint-free. They have no added fragrances or dyes and have been whitened without chlorine bleaching. They are eco-friendly and manufactured in the USA.


U Size It Giant 2-Ply White

9x-11-Inches-60-Sheets-Roll 15-Carton

9 x 11 Inches 60 Sheets/Roll 15/Carton

5-3/4 x 11 Inches 140/Roll 24/Carton

5-3/4 x 11 Inches 140/Roll 24/Carton

Some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing an ideal towel is the cost, the feel, the ability to absorb liquids, the sheet size and the cleaning strength whether dry or wet.

In addition, environmental and waste concerns should also be taken into consideration. A good option is to pick eco-friendly products made of recycled, chlorine-free material.

Choose those with multiple perforations so that you can pick a tiny size to clean up very minute spills and a bigger size for large spills.

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