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Best Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner & Steam Mops

We name the 3 most popular Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner & Steam Mops

Updated January 2021

Best Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner & Steam Mops of 2021

Cleaning and sanitizing hardwood floors using a steam cleaner or a steam mop is a safe and quick way to keep your home squeaky clean and shiny.

These mops usually use steam mainly from pure water to eliminate dirt and to clean sticky spots. They are also effective when it comes to eliminating bacteria and germs found on dirty surfaces.

These steam cleaners are very easy to use and can be used anywhere and at anytime. They do not leave dirt, fumes or any residue after cleaning.

They are recommended for cleaning well sealed hardwood floors .

Tip: Professional Steam Cleaning machines can be up to 12x more powerful than home units. Consider getting quotes for steam cleaning services rather than buying a machine.

These are the best selling Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner & Steam Mops:

Bissell Powerfresh 1940 Blue Mop


Bissell Powerfresh Blue Mop is ideal for cleaning sealed hardwood floors. It has in-built scrubber fitted at the mop head for removing sticky dirt and spots. It also has built-in heater and heater ready indicator light. It comes with two Microban microfiber mop pads. These mop pads are washable. It has steam control feature with 3 settings ranging from low, medium and high. Included in the package are optional fragrance discs to be inserted in the mopping pad for a clean, fresh scent as you clean.
It also has a detachable water tank. The tank is very easy to empty and fill. The water tank holds about 15 ounces of water. The manufacturer recommends use of distilled water to prolong the life of the mop. The mop has a low-profile head, able to navigate around edges and corners. It also comes with a 23 foot long power cord. It is lightweight and easily maneuverable. It weighs 6 pounds. See video below

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Sienna Eco SSC-0312 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner


Sienna Eco SSC-0312 model is a Multi-Purpose Cleaner for hardwood floors, carpets and different surfaces in kitchen and bathrooms. This steamer uses tap water and is designed to provide one level of steam. This unit provides 1350 watts of power. This unit provides steam pressure of up to 50 PSI. The tank has a capacity 40.6 ounce. The water tank is corrosion-resistant. Each refill provides steam continuously for up to 35 minutes. The steam reaches a maximum temperature of up to 212° F.

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This model comes with 13 accessories. The following accessories are included; two extension tubes, two microfiber cloth pads, a squeegee, floor brush, angle concentrator, triangular fabric brush & pad, refill cup, two round brushes and funnel. The unit has on & off switch and a child-proof safety locking mechanism. The steam hose measures 3 feet long. The power cord is 16.4 feet long. This unit weighs 7.3 Pounds. It comes with a carry handle for easy portability.

Shark Steam Pocket S3501 Model


This Shark pocket mop steams well while cleaning and gets off the deep down dirt. Great for sealed surfaces. It has a swivel head designed to flip quickly to allow for two sided cleaning. It has a large clear water tank. It comes with a two-sided, thick microfiber pad that is washable and reusable. The mop head is rectangular in shape. It heats up quickly and is usually ready within 30 seconds. It cleans well and leaves surfaces virtually dry.

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It comes with 20-feet long power cord so that you are not constantly unplugging and plugging. It also comes with a filling flask. The handle has a comfortable soft-grip design that is simple to steer around without straining. It measures 7 by 13 by 51-1/2 inches.

Bissell Symphony 1132A Model


This Bissell 1132A model is designed to vacuum and steam-clean surfaces at the same time. You can either choose to vacuum only or to steam mop only. It has great cyclonic-action vacuum for picking up dry debris. It has bristles that sweep debris from edges. The steam mop cleans sticky messes and also sanitizes the floor surfaces. It has high and low steam control settings. It has easy-touch digital controls to help switch from one function to another. It also features easy-release mop pad tray and an adjustable handle.

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It comes with a total of 4 washable mop pads- 2 of them are soft and the other two are for scrubbing. It features dry tank technology that keeps the vacuum canister in a dry state when steaming.The water reseivor holds about 400mls. It comes with one measuring cup and 25 feet power cord. It weighs 10.5 pounds.

Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Mop


The Hoover disinfecting mop gives you the option either to steam-clean alone or to steam and clean with a non-toxic, 100% biodegradable disinfectant solution. It is built with 2 separate tanks to accommodate water for steaming and cleaning solution. The water heats up quickly to produce steam within 30 seconds. These 2 tanks are removable, easy to clean and fill.It has control setting for both heavy and light cleaning.

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It has a triangular swivel head for easier maneuvering around corners and hard to reach areas. It also has a steam-ready indicator light. It comes with a long 30 feet power cord which stores easily on the handle. It comes with three machine-washable and reusable microfiber pads. It also has a plastic docking tray to protect surfaces during storage. It is easy to handle and also lightweight.

Shark EasyTM S3101 Model


This Shark EasyTM S3101 model comes in a comfortable design that is easy to maneuver, providing natural mopping motion. It heats up fast and delivers steam in 30 seconds. The steam dries almost immediately. It is designed to deliver powerful steam on demand.

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It comes with one micro-fiber pad that lifts and locks in dirt. This cleaning pad is washable and reusable. It also comes with a filling flask. This mop is light and weighs 3 lbs. The water tank has a capacity of 230mls.The cleaning path of this model is 11 inches. It comes with a long 18 feet cord. It is easy to assemble and to use.

Shark Professional S3601 Model


This Shark Professional S3601 model allows you to dust, steam and scrub. It features a unique steam control center to regulate 3 different variable steam settings. You can choose to use light-steam for gentle dusting, scrub setting for tougher tasks like removing stuck-on dirt and more steam setting for daily cleaning.

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It has an extra-large water tank with a capacity of 500mls. It comes with 2-sided microfiber pads that are reusable and washable. The mop head is designed to flip easily to allow for two sided cleaning. It heats up quickly and is usually ready within 30 seconds. The cleaning path is about 12 inches. The mop head is rectangular in shape. It comes with a long 22 feet power cord. See video below

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