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Best Handheld Upholstery Steam Cleaners

We name the 3 most popular Handheld Upholstery Steam Cleaners

Updated January 2021

#1 - Neat Steam Cleaner by Dupray



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editor rating

Best Design award

Fast 7-min heating

Up to 1 hour of steam in 1 tank

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#2 - Wagner Power Steamer



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Reaches up to 212°F

Ships with mega accessory pack

Excellent value overall

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#3 - Vapamore MR-100 Cleaning System

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Stainless steel boiler

40 gallon/minute high flow rate

Excellent floor-head attachment

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Best Handheld Upholstery Steam Cleaners of 2021

Handheld Upholstery Steam Cleaners are designed to use chemical-free steam to easily loosen up and remove any build-up of dirt, grease and grime from household surfaces.

They also remove stains from carpet and upholstery spots.

The heat produced by these steamers sanitizes and kills dust mites, bedbugs and other household germs.

This type of upholstery cleaners usually offer a one simple cleaning and sanitizing process.

They also act as deodorizers to get rid of nasty odors found on any auto or household upholstery, be it pet bedding or couches.

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They are convenient, easier to use and also less costly. In addition, they can also be used to clean other items around the house such as tile walls, pillows, curtains, cushions, garments, backpacks, and sneakers.

Since these cleaner systems do not require expensive cleaning solutions, they are an economical way to keep surfaces clean and fresh.

Tip: Professional Steam Cleaning machines can be up to 12x more powerful than home units. Consider getting quotes for steam cleaning services rather than buying a machine.

These are the best selling Handheld Upholstery Steam Cleaners:

Here are some top rated designs


This Steamfast SF-370WH unit is a multipurpose cleaner operating on 1500-watts. It uses normal water without harsh chemicals. The water heats quickly within eight minutes to a temperature of over 200 degree F. It has a 45 ounce water tank that provides continuous steam for about 45 minutes. It gently refreshes upholstery, fabrics and curtains. It has a heating indicator light and on/off switch. The unit has a carry handle for easy portability. It delivers good steam output and the trigger locks on to keep the steam on continuously. Its heating system is a boiler.

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This cleaner comes with a total of 15 attachments and accessories to handle different cleaning tasks. Included accessories and attachments are a jet nozzle, two nylon brushes for removing tough stains, two brass brushes for removing stuck grease, scrub tool, corner tool for narrow hard to reach surfaces, squeegee, scrub and sponge pads for the corner tool, measuring cup, two extension wands for extended reach, steam mop head and two microfiber pads. It runs on 120 volts and weighs 8.42 pounds. The power cord is 13 feet long and the steam hose is 6.5 feet. It is easy to operate and carry around the house. It has 1-year limited warranty.

Comforday Pressurized Steam-Cleaner


This Pressurized Steam-Cleaner is a multipurpose unit that tackles different cleaning tasks around the house. It is lightweight, well-made and easy to handle. It holds about 8-ounces of water and takes 2 to 3 minutes to heat up. It then emits continuous powerful pressurized hot steam for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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It comes with 9.5-feet power cord for easier movement. It also comes with 9 different accessories to tackle various areas in your house ranging from cushion surfaces, windows, painted walls. It has a power rating of 900 to 1050 watts. It operates on 110 voltages.

Hoover TwinTank Cleaner


This Hoover TwinTank cleaner offers the option to clean using only all-water steam or to clean using both the steam and Hoover SteamPlus multipurpose disinfectant. This disinfectant is non toxic and hundred percent biodegradable. This unit holds about 10 ounces of water and emits high pressurized continuous heat steam. It comes with fingertip controls.

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It comes with plenty of tools and accessories for countless cleaning options on counter-tops, fabric and multiple surfaces. These tools attaches securely and also removes easily. The unit comes with a long 20 feet electric cord. It works with 110v power supply. It comes with a carry bag to hold the various attachments, steam cleaner and included 8-ounce disinfectant. This unit weighs about 3.4 pounds. It is lightweight and easy to carry around when cleaning couches or curtains.

HAAN HS-20R Handheld Cleaner


This HS-20R handheld steamer comes in a sleek design. You can either control it with a trigger to clean a particular spot or you can use the locking-feature to get continuous steam. It comes with many attachments including upholstery/ garment attachment. It heats regular tap water within 3 minutes to produce high-temperature steam of over 212ºF. It holds 6.76 ounces of water to provide 15 minutes of intermittent steam-cleaning.

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It is lightweight and compact in size. The steamer weighs 2.8 lbs and has wattage of 1000 watts. The power-cord is about 15-feet long.
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Dirt Devil Easy Steaming Unit


This Dirt Devil easy steaming unit features a powerful 8-amp motor. It is ideal for spot cleaning sofas and cushions. It is light weight weighing 2.6 pounds. It comes with a contoured loop grip handle that is comfortable to use. It holds about 250mls of water to provide about 20 or 30 minutes of cleaning. It releases intermittent steam. It has an on/off cycle and steam/wait cycle. The power cord is about 15-16ft long.

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It comes with usable accessories such as fabric tool, steam pad, jet tip extension among others. It is simple to operate. It operates at 120V and has power-rating of 1000 watts. It comes in a sleek design and has one year limited warranty.

Gideon Handheld Pressurized Steamer


This Gideon Handheld unit provides pressurized steam to clean sanitize and disinfect multiple surfaces. This is a 1050 Watts powerful steamer for cleaning stove-tops, counter-tops and upholstery. It is equipped with a 12 Oz. water tank. A single refill emits steam continuous for about 20 minutes. The max steam temperature is about 275˚F. It is easy to refill and also heats faster. It has an automatic shut-off safety feature when the steamer is too hot or in case of low water level.

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It also comes with a number of accessories which includes a spray nozzle, fabric cloth, funnel, window squeegee, measuring cup, an extension hose, angle concentrator and grout brush. It is lightweight and easy to move around. The power cord measures 9 feet long.

PureClean Pressurized Steam Cleaner


This PureClean model is a pressurized steam cleaner. It is a handheld portable unit for cleaning multiple surfaces without harsh chemicals. It emits pressurized hot pure steam. This cleaner is ideal for eliminating bed bugs, grease, mold, grime and stains. The water heats quickly in about three to four minutes. This unit is versatile and can be used for cleaning and removing of wrinkles from garments. It also helps to freshen up the clothes that have been stored.

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This unit provides of 1000 Watts of power and comes equipped with safety features. It comes with a 250 ml water tank capacity. It is easy to fill and refill. It is easy to use and the steam lasts for 8 to 10 minutes before refilling. It has an indicator light. It is perfect for cleaning mattresses, upholstered furniture, ceramic tile, draperies, laminate tiles, clothing, granite surfaces, wool carpets, and windows. It comes with multiple heavy-duty attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces. These attachments include a measuring cup, a bent nozzle, an ironing brush, a nylon brush, an extension hose, a funnel, window squeegee, a straight nozzle and ironing brush cover. The extension hose is used for cleaning hard to reach areas. Window squeegee tool is great for glass and window cleaning. This unit is lightweight and compact in design. It is also easy to store. It has 9.8 foot long power cord for convenient use. Its dimensions are 12.2-inch in length by 5-inch in width by 9.8-inch in height. Its weight is about 5 pounds.

CUH Multifunction Cleaner


This CUH Multifunction Cleaner comes with versatile accessories to clean different surfaces including deodorizing and freshening the upholstery. Its water tank has a capacity of 330mls. The water heats up within 15 to 20 seconds and provides 20 minutes of continuous steam. It comes with an on/off power switch. The head is triangular in shape and flexible.

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It has a 3.5 Meter long power cord included. Its output power wattage is 1500W and recommended voltage is 100 to 130V. It is easy to operate and to assemble. Among the accessories this cleaner comes with are garment steamer cloth, brushes, carpet glider, angle nozzle, squeegee, grout tool, measuring cup, three replacement microfiber pads, accessory adaptor and scraping tool. It is very easy to assemble. It operates with low noise and the head swivels at a 360 angle allowing you to clean those hard to reach areas. You can also use this unit as a floor steamer.

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